I would like to thank Riley Beau Gold for the year of coaching that I have done with him.

When we first spoke I was in a state of overwhelm and heartbreak. Riley helped me to make peace with the past and define what I actually wanted and what I missed.

I think the best work we did was through definitions! Just seeing what my definition of successful and unsuccessful was and seeing the conflicts helped me to let go, to release and create what I wanted successful to mean.

The way I have evolved and grown into being more me, has been a big process and I am thankful that I had him by my side for some of this precious journey.

1 year later I may still get overwhelmed and over excited but I am at peace with my family, friends, ex’s and I am creating a business that works for me and my little darling.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



I spoke to Riley just over 12 months ago, when I finally had had enough of beating myself up, not feeling good enough, comparing myself and hating on my body.

I had forgotten about ME over the years while trying to please others and was so unsure about what I wanted, what I was passionate about. I had never stopped and asked what it was that ‘Lou’ wanted and how she wanted to feel. I was living life by beliefs and stories that weren’t even my own.

I can’t even believe it was just over 12 months ago that that was what we were talking about because my life has completely changed because of it.

We started by defining what self-love looked like to me, in terms of exercising, eating, playing, etc etc. Riley connected me back to who I always knew I was deep down. Now I have so much more confidence in myself, I am not hating on my body and I know exactly which direction I am currently going in with business.

Riley is sensitive and compassionate but sure as hell one of the best coaches I know. He knew exactly how to get the best from me and I can’t thank him enough for everything that he has helped me with. I have so much love for this human and the work he does.



‘Life wasn’t meant to turn out like this!’

That’s what I found myself thinking a couple of years ago.

For me life is all about having fun, doing something you enjoy, spending time with those you love… being happy… you know, really living.

But instead, I found myself in a place where I was depressed, burnt out, in debt up to my eye balls, hating my business, being a crappy husband, and generally hating life.

And the funny thing, with the exception of my wife (and Riley), nobody else had a clue what was going on with me ‘behind closed doors’.

These feelings didn’t happen overnight, but around 4 years into running my own fitness business, working hard everyday in the hope that one day I would finally be ‘successful’, I realised that life can’t go in like this… something had to change.

Enter Riley.

Riley was my rock when everything around me seemed so uncertain, and my light, in an otherwise dark and challenging period of my life.

The guidance, support and love I received from Riley, was out of this world, but more importantly, exactly what I needed.

In our sessions, I could be honest and true with what was really going on in my life. This was so refreshing (but difficult) as I spent most of my day wearing a ‘mask’ and pretending to everyone that I was fine, and that business was ‘going well’.

Throughout our coaching together, Riley didn’t judge… he listened… he asked questions… he was understanding… he challenged some beliefs that weren’t serving me… he helped me set goals… and ultimately, had my back when it came time to make changes.

We took small steps over the course of a year which led to big changes in my life, and to how I feel. I still have a long way to go to achieving all that I want from life and business. However, I am now happier, healthier and move confident than ever… and I owe so much of that to working with Riley. Thank you!



Riley has helped me get out of some serious ‘head mush’ on several occasions, he’s been my coach on and off over the past 12 months, perhaps longer (it seems like we’ve known each other forever).

I always feel so much clearer and lighter after our conversations – whether it’s about business or personal stuff, there have definitely been some specific themes that have kept cropping up for me – although I wouldn’t have recognised this without coaching.

Without Riley I would definitely still be struggling in many areas of my life. Being a coach myself (we’ve even gone through some of the same training), some people may expect me to have my shit together! But it’s not just about understanding the value in coaching, it’s being able to trust the person you are baring your soul to, and with Riley there’s no question of this.

If you’re like me, and sometimes feel like your head is just a huge ball of knotted string, you will definitely benefit from speaking to Riley. But don’t expect meaningless head nodding and useless sympathy, he will actually help you to untangle the mess in your head. Thanks Riley, for all your help x


About 8 months ago, I realised something had to change in my life. Lots had happened over the last few years, and everything was affected by it. Business, relationships, family, fitness and health. I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be. And I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be.

I was lucky to “bump” into Riley through a mutual facebook group we are in.. I joined on an 8 week 1:1 programme. To be totally honest, I had no clue what to expect. I had no clue what coaching was all about. I had no clue what outcomes I was even hoping to get out of it. All I knew, was that something had to change.

Over those 8 weeks, we worked on my beliefs and values. I got asked some interesting questions that started a whole process of thinking in a totally different way. Once I got clear about my values, I could start looking at what I was currently doing in all aspects of life and see what the gap was between what I was currently doing, and what I really believed in. This has massively changed me and the way I look at things. But also the way I act.

My confidence has massively improved. After those 8 weeks, I’ve continued working with Riley, as he’s a great springboard for when I’m stuck, need to clarify what’s going on with me.

His questions are thought provoking, and I just really enjoy our sessions. We had laughs, serious conversations, and some tears as well. But after each session, I feel like I had made some steps forward. Sometimes only a few, sometimes massive ones.

As much as I was clueless to start with on what to expect, it’s still hard for me to describe in words what it means to me to coach with Riley. All I know, is that I’m not the person I used to be. I’m more confident, happier, more aware, more determined, and I feel I have a purpose. I’m not saying I’m a non stoppable machine, I still have some bad days, but my life has just changed from being yuk, to something exciting with a bright future!



When was the last time you had a brain M.O.T?

Probably never right?

I had one thanks to Riley.

I was in the aftermath of a stressful divorce and there were many things on my mind.

I had the usual voices that come in to our heads…

– Maybe I’m not good enough.
– Maybe this path isn’t for me.
– Maybe I should go back to a comfortable 9-5 job.
– Is this really what I want?
– What if I fail?

And all sorts of bull crap.

I had clogged my brain up with Unleaded fuel rather than Diesel, it was letting out all sorts of shitty fumes that were suffocating.

I decided I needed a tune up and I got it in the form of Riley Beau Gold. My call with him was fucking awesome.

The way he probed and pulled information out of me was amazing and I ended up answering all the questions I had in my head. All the crap laid out bare, for what it really was….

CRAP! Stupid things I’d been telling myself.

I came out of the call like a fully serviced car, oiled, revving and ready to hit the road.

I’d never had so much clarity, I knew exactly what I needed to do and how to move forward with all my goals. It was epic. I felt super pumped and ready to take on the next phase of my life (post traumatic marriage!).

So if you’re ever in a funk, (and as entrepreneurs I’m sure there’s plenty of moment when you are!!!) Then I would highly recommend reaching out to Riley and he’ll tune your mind right up!

Honestly guys I don’t do ‘mindset’ and all that woo woo, but he seriously untangled some rather large ‘knots’ I had in my head.